Let’s face it: maintaining a fulfilling and functional marriage in this day and age is difficult.  Besides the usual stresses of family, finances, work, and kids, there is also the challenge of finding time to be romantic with your partner.  It’s almost not surprising that almost half of all marriages do not survive.  And yet, there are ways to make it work.

The first step to ensuring a long-lasting marriage is to really learn about your own relationship—how it functions, what works, and what doesn’t.  Assessing these factors will help in creating effective strategies that teach you how to cope with these pressures and still keep the passion alive.  The Relationship Center offers a ten-week program called “The Unique Marital Solution” that identifies strengths in your marriage and develops a specific plan to improve the weaknesses, including scheduled follow-up sessions to maintain the progress.

Read about all of the services offered at The Relationship Center that teach the skills to keep the passion alive in your marriage.  To discuss your individual circumstances, contact Miles Wagman at or 732-345-1399 to arrange a free telephone consultation.

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