Parenting Coordination

An alternative dispute resolution that uses a neutral professional to help separated and divorced parents

The Parenting Coordinator

  • Helps the couple solve parenting problems
  • Teaches the couple about the emotional needs of the children
  • Teaches parenting strategies
  • Teaches effective communication skills
  • Provides solutions to problems that confront the parents

Benefits of Parenting Coordination

For the Child

  • Enhances the child’s confidence and emotional well being as they grow and mature
  • Reduces the child’s symptoms of stress as parental conflict decreases
  • Provides a more relaxed environment in both parent’s homes for the child to adjust to the new family circumstances

For the Parents

  • Reduces the conflict between the parents
  • Keeps the focus of their communication on the child and not on each other
  • Improves the relationship between each parent and their children

Set up a consultation to discuss if Parenting Coordination is appropriate for your family circumstances.

Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.
-Robert Fulghum, Author