Children’s Divorce Books

Recommended reading to help kids adjust to the change.

Dinosaurs Divorce (Ages 3-8)
By Laurene Krasny Brown and Marc Brown

In this picture book, the dinosaur family explores why parents get divorced and what happens after a divorce. It answers common questions that children might have, such as what’s going to happen to me, where will holidays be celebrated, and what is it like to live in two homes.

It’s Not Your Fault, Koko Bear (Ages 3 to 7)
By Vicki Lansky

When Koko Bear’s parents get divorced, the cub experiences a range of emotions, including anger, guilt, confusion, and sadness. Each page features advice for parents on how to help children identify and express feelings.

Two Homes (Ages 3 to 7)
By Claire Masurel
Sometimes Alex lives with his daddy in a suburban home and sometimes with his mommy in a city home. He has two bedrooms, two favorite chairs, two sets of friends — two of everything! This book helps kids to understand that they are loved by both parents, regardless of where they are living.

The Invisible String (Ages 3 to 7)
By Patrice Karst

This book doesn’t specifically address divorce, but it’s a heartwarming story that reassures children that even though they can’t always be with a loved one, they’re always in each other’s hearts. Whenever a child thinks about a family member, the invisible string gives a tug.

My Family’s Changing (Ages 3 and up)
By Pat Thomas

This picture book introduces the concept of divorce and how it affects family members. A “What about you” section features questions that parents can ask young children to help them explore their feelings.

I Don’t Want to Talk About It (Ages 4 and up)
By Jeanie Franz Ransom

A young girl imagines herself as animals to deal with her feelings about her parents’ divorce. When her father tells her that it’s okay to be scared, she says: “I wanted to be a lion with a roar so loud that everyone would think I was very brave.” Throughout the book, both parents offer assurances that their love for her will never change and that certain family rituals will remain the same.

Cory Helps Kids Cope with Divorce: Playful Therapeutic Activities for Young Children (Ages 5 and up)
by Liana Lowenstein

An engaging therapeutic story and innovative activities to help young children identify feelings, clarify divorce-related misconceptions, ease transition stress, express anger, eliminate self-blame, and learn coping skills. Includes a reproducible story, therapeutic games and other creative activities, plus tips and interventions for parents.

Talking to Children About Divorce: A Parent’s Guide to Healthy Communication at Each Stage of Divorce: Expert Advice for Kids’ Emotional Recovery (Ages 4-8.)
By Jean McBride MS LMFT

Marriage and family therapist Jean McBride has helped over 20,000 families navigate divorce. Now she shares her expertise with an in-depth guide to discussing divorce with your kids so you can support your child’s adjustment throughout the entire divorce process.