Separation and Divorce Counseling

Solutions for Couples in Distress

Deciding that your marriage is irreparably broken and divorce is inevitable is perhaps the most difficult decision that you will make in your life.  The first step to ensuring that the process is as smooth and painless as possible is to make your divorce a transition for your family instead of a trauma.  To do this, spouses must agree to open and fair communication and cooperation so that they can begin functioning effectively as co-parents.  Understanding and coping with the emotional roller coaster ride that characterizes separation and divorce often requires professional consultation.

Problems that may require Professional Consultation:
  • Destructive Communication
  • Parenting Conflicts
  • Inability to Set Boundaries
  • Difficulty Transitioning from Married to Single

Maintaining the integrity of each member of the family during this emotionally chaotic process challenges many couples.  The end of a marriage does not mean the end of a family—it continues on in a different form after a divorce.  The acrimony typical of many divorces arises when the spouses discuss how that new family structure will operate.  To successfully navigate this process, couples need objective and knowledgeable guidance to create strategies which are not based on emotion and confusion. 

Treatment Plan

The couple works with Miles Wagman, MSW, LCSW, LMFT, a NJ licensed Clinical Social Worker and Marriage and Family Therapist.   He has been working with separated and divorced couples for more than 30 years to help them develop a mutually respectful and constructive post-divorce relationship—one in which creates a more peaceful and healthy environment to raise their children.  The goal is not to repair the marriage, but rather to focus on effectively co-parent their children by working together. The treatment is structured to maximize the couple’s strengths and eliminate destructive patterns in their relationship.  Your progress is monitored throughout treatment

Follow-up Phase

Follow-up sessions are scheduled prior to the end of counseling to ensure that progress is maintained. They occur at specific intervals that based on the couple’s specific needs.  These sessions can be held either in our offices or conducted by telephone.

The Next Step

To schedule your free 30-minute telephone consultation to discuss whether counseling services are appropriate for you, call Miles Wagman at (732) 345-1399 or email him at

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