It’s a startling but true fact that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce.  The decision to divorce is a difficult one.  It often unleashes powerful emotions between in couples as they negotiate not only the dissolution of their relationship, but also fears and uncertainty about the future.  As the structure of the family changes, the couple is challenged to make decisions based on the needs of everyone in the family with care and compassion. Unfortunately, anger and resentment often characterize this process and make divorce a trauma rather than a transition.

For each individual spouse, divorce also means a difficult transition from being married to becoming “single again.”  Many newly divorced people find that being single is not what it was when they were younger.  Besides an ex-spouse, there are often children involved, and there’s some new trepidation about trying to avoid past mistakes.  To learn from your past, you must take a good, hard look at your failed relationship.  Only by understanding what went wrong there will you be able to avoid another destructive relationship.  The Relationship Center provides you valuable insights about choosing a future partner that has the qualities necessary to have a committed relationship with the workshop, “How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk.”

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