Couples Quiz

No matter what your score on the quiz, you can become more comfortable with yourself and your relationships. For couples who are feel disconnected, and want to experience greater satisfaction and contentment in their life, consider the benefits of marital counseling.

  1. I feel loved and cared for in this relationship.

  2. When we are apart, I often think fondly about my partner.

  3. My partner takes pride in my achievements and accomplishments.

  4. I routinely share the important things in my life with my partner.

  5. My partner generally appreciates the things that I do in this relationship.

  1. My partner finds me sexy and attractive.

  2. We are able to communicate our sexual needs to each other.

  3. We are open to different sexual experiences.

  4. We often touch and kiss affectionately.

  5. I feel closer to my partner after having sex.

  1. My partner is considerate and respectful to my feelings.

  2. We know how to prevent arguments from escalating.

  3. We have no problem apologizing to each other.

  4. We respect each other's positions on our basic problems.

  5. We face our disagreements responsibly and maturely.

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This quiz is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for appropriate psychological or clinical evaluation. If you have questions or concerns regarding your functioning in relationships you should consult a mental health professional.

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