The question’s been popped, the ring is on your finger, and now you’re engaged.  Congratulations!  Your engagement symbolizes the commitment between you and your partner to share your lives together.  This important milestone will provide the foundation of your relationship as you and your family grow.  Successful couples continue to strengthen that foundation as they mature together. 

The first challenge that confronts all couples is planning the wedding.  Planning a wedding is essentially a microcosm of your marriage.  It tests your capacity to communicate, make decisions, deal with family members, control spending, and divide tasks — the same challenges that will confront you throughout your marriage. At The Relationship Center, we offer valuable tools to make your engagement a happy and easy experience.  Our seminar, “The First Dance”, provides a practical set of guidelines to help you and your fiancé deal with the people stress of planning a wedding.

Read about all of the services offered at The Relationship Center that teach the skills that are necessary to strengthen your relationship as you plan your wedding and prepare to begin your married life together.  To discuss your individual circumstances, contact Miles Wagman online or call 732-345-1399 to arrange a free telephone consultation.

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